Today at 7 PM we announced two new albums in Tokyo, Shinjuku at 8-bit Cafe. Let’s go:


The first album is In Flux, a compilation album coming around January. While World 1-2: Encore was all remixes, this one is nothing but new & original tracks. The album’s style is similar to World 1-2, in that it’ll be a juicy blend of many different genres: chiptunes, electronic, piano, guitars, and so on.

The list of the artists include Manami Matsumae (of Mega Man) with a brand-new piano-centric track; a collaboration between Keiji Yamagishi (of Ninja Gaiden) and Eirik Suhrke (of Spelunky); another collaboration between Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman (of Shovel Knight) and Stemage (of Metroid Metal); a new heart-warming track by Saori Kobayashi (of Panzer Dragoon); a punching chiptunes track from Chipzel (of Super Hexagon) — and many more, including Marius Masalar, Monomirror and PolarBirds.

We’re working with Fabian Oefner for the visual design of the album, a talented photographer from Switzerland. For the photo set of In Flux, Fabian used high-speed cameras that were able to capture the luminous beauty of soap bubbles before exploding, something we thought meshes well with the flow and rhythm of the album.

We expect to finish In Flux around January, so please look forward to that.

We also announced a new project, an album that’s still under planning and constant development — but the prospects of it were so exciting that we just wanted to let the news out.

Project Light

We teamed up with Ippo Yamada to make a chiptunes album inspired from our loved memories of the 80′s. Yamada-san worked on many fantastic games, including the Mega Man Zero series, Mega Man 9 and 10 — he composed Tornado Man’s Stage! — as well as Mighty No. 9 and others. Project Light (working title) will be co-directed between both Yamada-san and me, Mohammed Taher, while the production is handled by Yamada-san and hally. Even though we’re still working on the list of composers to appear on the album, we wanted to give a sample of what to expect:

  • Manami Matsumae (Mega Man 1, Mega Man 10, Mighty No. 9)
  • Takashi Tateishi (Mega Man 2. Boom!)
  • Yasuaki ‘Bun Bun’ Fujita & Harumi Fujita (the legendary Mega Man 3 couple!)

As well as new compositions by Yamada-san himself and hally.

As is the case with new projects, there’s not much we can reveal at this point because we’re still developing a lot of concepts — but rest assured that we’re all working hard to make Project Light as good as it sounds. We had a 6-hours meeting a few days ago and what we nailed down is absolutely exciting.

Thank you for reading this and for the overwhelming support during our entire 1st year. We’re excited and happy with what we have in the pipes, and extremely proud of the enormous love we have gained from all music-lovers around the world. I hope this news excites you as much as it does to us.

Warm wishes from Japan,
Mohammed, Manami, Keiji, Ippo